Sunday, May 25, 2014

Cosmetics from Korea!

Hi ya! I have new bought cosmetics from Korea to be introduced to all of u! 
I have been tried using these cosmetics for few times and they truly gave me big satisfaction! 
Good coverage and silky-like skin texture!

Babyface cotton primer from It's Skin

We need face primer before applying foundation to make the cosmetics stay longer! 
The primer also act as a protection shield for our skin from the following make ups applied. 
This babyface cotton primer gives a smooth and silky finishing skin so that the foundation applied later could be more attached and do not smear easily!

It appeared as a white-gel like liquid. Look at that cute package!

Move on to next steps after applying face primer. 

Missha perfect cover BB cream

I like to use BB cream more than foundation because foundation tends to be more "cakey" and 'thick" on face. This BB cream has very good coverage as given by the name "perfect cover BB cream" ! Other than that, it has very nice smell too!

I have chosen the darker tone as the lighter tone will make me looks like wearing a white mask XD

Let's see the difference! 

I only apply it on my right face and it shows very good coverage as my left face shows tiny blood streams and also some dark spots (shown in the red circle) while my right face was totally fine covered. Most importantly, my dark circle was not as obvious as the left one too!


Creamy waterproof eyeliner from 3CE

YES! It's 3CE! The long waited cosmetic brand that I always wanted to try! Finally, it did not disappoint me at all! Love this eyeliner so so much! As I am a big sweat girl, eyeliner will smear at any time! This creamy waterproof eyeliner is definitely what I am looking for! Sharp colors available and it stays long!


Such easy to draw and the color is definitely the latest trend in Korea!

Now let's talk bout the realistic part! How much I must spend to get these?? 

It's Skin babyface cotton face primer: ~RM 23
Missha perfect cover BB cream: ~RM 50
3CE creamy waterproof eyeliner: ~ RM 35

All these brands have yet to have outlets in Malaysia except for 3CE. It is really cheap buying all these at Korea but the price will be more expensive by RM 10 to RM 25 if buying them in Malaysia. 

SO, do not missed the chance when ur friends or relatives are travelling to KOREA! Give them a list and pass them the money! THAT's It! XD

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